Labor of Love

The Story of One Man’s Extraordinary Pregnancy



In this surprising and heartfelt memoir, Thomas Beatie—known around the world as the first pregnant man—tells the story of how he survived a brutal childhood and a lifetime of prejudice to achieve his most precious dream: having a family.

Born female, Beatie transitioned to a male in his twenties and married his wife, Nancy, in 2003. But Beatie kept his female reproductive organs and chose to carry their child himself because Nancy couldn’t. Beatie’s decision to get pregnant ignited one of the biggest controversies of the year, but the real story of his pregnancy, and of the amazing events that led him to this historic moment, have never been revealed—until now.

Labor of Love is a poignant and candid memoir, rich in drama, humor, and suspense. At its heart, though, it is a love story—of the unlikely romance between he and Nancy; of their long, difficult journey to get married; of their uphill battle to find a doctor who would help Beatie carry their child; and of the remarkable and joyous birth of their daughter, Susan. Labor of Love will challenge readers to reconsider what makes a man a man, what it means to be a parent, and ultimately what’s worth cherishing more than anything else—the redemptive love of a family.


Thomas Beatie was born and raised in Hawaii—as a girl, Tracy—and made the transition to a male in the late 1990s. Labor of Love is Beatie’s first book. A custom screenprinter and owner of Define Normal Clothing Company, Beatie lives in Bend, Oregon, with his wife Nancy and their three children.


“A compelling, unique narrative” — Publisher’s Weekly



“Defiant and transformative” — New York Times

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