Thomas Beatie
Speaker, Author, Pop-culture Icon & Family Man

"I contacted Thomas with an invitation to visit one of my undergraduate literature classes... Thomas’s contribution to my course and to my students’ lives was invaluable, and I am grateful he has offered to visit again this year."

"Thomas Beatie is a truly inspiring figure, and his story expresses the message to fight for what you want no matter what struggles you encounter along the way and to not be afraid of establishing your identity in this world." 

From Oprah to Barbara Walters, Germany to Japan, Thomas Beatie's story has been worldwide headline news--a fully legal man and husband giving birth to 3 children in as many years… and more recently, defending the validity of his marriage and identity in an unprecedented court battle. While the media may have sensationalized his unique journey, dubbing him “The Pregnant Man,” his dreams of happiness, liberty, and family are universal. His humanizing story represents the struggle everyone faces when fighting for individual authenticity and freedom as well as social and legal justice. More importantly, other people are inspired by this proud father's grit and determination--standing up for what he believes in and the love for his family. Thomas believes that the power of visibility creates positive change in society. By being open, he hopes to demystify harmful stereotypes and show that different is normal.

Thomas Beatie is available for: public and motivational speaking (including colleges), writing contributions, advocacy, media appearances and interviews, keynotes, lectures and seminars, consulting, TV and film projects, diversity awareness, transgender (LGBT) education, and community involvement.

"I would highly recommend a speaking engagement with Thomas Beatie for campuses and organizations interested in expanding the perspectives of their students, faculty and staff because the intersections of his identity and personal resiliency no doubt make a lasting and positive impression on his audiences. Thank you for being you, Thomas!”

"Thomas came to Sweden when we were working to amend Swedish legislation that required sterilization for people wanting to change their legal gender. Thomas spoke about the topic at the opening of the Stockholm Pride festival in 2011 and also very generously dedicated his time to speak to the Swedish media, creating a new understanding among Swedish politicians and the general public of why forced sterilization is wrong. Many people have worked for many years to change this piece of legislation, but Thomas played a significant part at a crucial time. As of July 1, 2013 the sterilization criteria is no longer in Swedish legislation."

For business inquiries:

-Elizabeth McNeil, PhD, English professor, Arizona State University

-Jermaine Dictado, Kaibigan Co-President, Northwestern University 

-Fatima Roohi Pervaiz, MLS, The University of Toledo

-Ulrika Westerlund, president of RFSL,

The Swedish Federation of LGBT Rights

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